West Side Y Kids Company at TD Ameritrade

On the evening of Winter’s Eve the West Side Y Kids Company will transform the lobby of TD Ameritrade on Broadway and 62nd Street into a musical theater with a special performance that’s sure to entertain both kids and adults.

The West Side Y Kids Company provides young people, ages 6-14, of all backgrounds and levels the opportunity to work with acting, dance, and musical theater professionals to develop skills in singing, acting, and dance. PRODUCTION and SHOWCASE programs provide in-depth musical theater experiences that culminate in fully developed performances. WORKSHOP programs focus on acting technique, creative drama, and skill-building.

The West Side Y Kids Company is part of the West Side YMCA’s THEATER ARTS Program which encourages the creative spirit; empowers, educates, and maximizes the potential of emerging artists; serves our community by providing affordable and high quality programming, training, and education; engages schools, neighborhoods, and families in programs that inspire, entertain, and reflect diversity; and develops confidence, imagination, a sense of self, teamwork, discipline, and integrity.

Location: TD Ameritrade – 1881 Broadway at 62nd Street
Time: 5:30pm