Alice Farley Dance Theater

Alice Farley has produced dance/theater for 25 years, performing in the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. Her Theater of Gesture and Transformation combines magic and circus with puppetry and dance. She designs sculptural costumes and kinetic puppets to choreograph imaginary worlds for black box theaters and site-specific environmental landscape productions and events. She… View Article

Ellie Steingraeber – LED Hoops

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ellie Steingraeber has been a professional circus performer for ten years. Her work has been featured internationally on stage, television/commercials, in fashion, and in the center of the circus ring. Her most recognized act is hula hoops, featuring a 75-hoop finale whirling around her body at the same time. She is… View Article

Hungry March Band

  Hungry March Band (HMB) fuses street band tradition with raw power and performance art antics. Founded in 1997 for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, this award-winning ensemble has shared their creativity with audiences throughout the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. They’ve a well-earned a reputation for mythical revelry, playing urban parades, rural… View Article


It just wouldn’t be Winter’s Eve with  OKAMOTO STUDIO creating more fabulous ice sculptures that are sure to wow crowds of all ages. OKAMOTO STUDIO is a New York-based artist collective best known for their design, production, and consultation of everything made of crystal clear ice. From the most delicate ice wares to life-like sculptures to… View Article

Processional Arts Workshop (PAW) – Frost Giants in Procession

A visually stunning, crowd pleaser is returning to Winter’s Eve. Processional Arts Workshop (PAW)’s Frost Giants (Jötunn) in Procession will be parading through the streets of Lincoln Square on Winter’s Eve. Processional Arts Workshop (PAW), under direction of Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles, creates site-specific parades, processions, and Carnivalesque events worldwide, including the mobile performances that lead… View Article