Loston Harris Trio

“Loston’s music is spontaneous, solidly grounded in the tradition of melody but with a contemporary sensibility. While most youthful artists feel like they have to reinvent the wheel by embellishing and changing the fundamentals of what made these songs great, Loston understands how to present this classic material with respect but not bathed with mothballs.” – Michael Feinstein

For the last ten years Loston Harris has headlined and found a home that shares his passion for timeless music, the legendary Bemelmans Bar at the prestigious Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, New York. The Carlyle has a legacy of cabaret and great jazz talents like Loston.

With early musical inspirations ranging from artists such as Earth Wind and Fire, the Police and other notable pop and R&B bands, it was jazz that ultimately chose Loston and Loston chose jazz. For Loston, jazz is “hip, serious, complex, improvisational and limitless”. He blends traditional jazz riffs, gospel and blues with his own unique stylings. Loston is doing his part to continue a legacy and he is doing it his way. He has previously recorded four albums to rave reviews — Stepping Stones, Comes Love, Timeless and his most recent, Why Try To Change Me Now.

Location: American Folk Art Museum – Columbus Avenue between 65th and 66th Streets
Time: 6:45 & 7:45pm