Multicultural Dance Troupes presented by Dance Parade

Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square’s Multicultural Dance Troupes are presented in partnership with Dance Parade and made possible by funding from the New York City Council.   Shot of Scotch was formed in February of 2011 as a venue for experienced, premier-level competitive Scottish Highland dancers to continue to dance with the high level of precision… View Article

Columbia University Lion Dance

Columbia University Lion Dance performs high-energy dance forms based on kung fu. Lion dance is usually performed to scare away evil spirits and to summon good luck and fortune. Our goal is to promote knowledge of Chinese traditional dance for both the on-campus and off-campus community. We combine traditional elements of lion dance with a… View Article

Alice Farley Dance Theater

Alice Farley has produced dance/theater for 25 years, performing in the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. Her Theater of Gesture and Transformation combines magic and circus with puppetry and dance. She designs sculptural costumes and kinetic puppets to choreograph imaginary worlds for black box theaters and site-specific environmental landscape productions and events. She… View Article

Ellie Steingraeber – LED Hoops

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ellie Steingraeber has been a professional circus performer for ten years. Her work has been featured internationally on stage, television/commercials, in fashion, and in the center of the circus ring. Her most recognized act is hula hoops, featuring a 75-hoop finale whirling around her body at the same time. She is… View Article